Root control

Root control fabric

Rootguard as barrier against roots

Rootguard has been designed specially for protection from root damage caused by plants with aggressive roots. Walkways, building and supply lines can be easily protected by directing root growth in a controlled manner.

Rootguard - a water-permeable barrier

Depending on the requirements of the location, it may be necessary to select a water-permeable barrier. If so, then Rootguard is the ideal solution. It has a high tensile strength, and the fibre composite cannot be pushed apart by the roots. Not suitable for rhizomes.

Available dimensions in stock:  Rood protection fleece - ROOTGUARD

Strength Roll width
Roll length
260 g/m2
1.5 m
25 m



Rootguard Plus - a waterproof barrier

For uses that do not require a permeable barrier, there is Rootguard Plus. This flexible barrier material has an additional HDPE coating, providing the highest level of protection from root damage, even from rhizomes.


Available dimensions in stock:  Rood protection fleece - ROOTGUARD Plus

Strength Roll width
Roll length
275 g/m2
0.66 m
25 m


Data sheet for Rootguard / Rootguard Plus

The root barrier can only be used effectively if it is planned and executed thoroughly Rootguard should:

  • Be installed vertically between the area at risk and the tree
  • Extend over the surface to prevent rootsfrom growing over the barrier
  • If applicable, installed as far as the maximum depth of the installations to be protected
Rootguard can be cut to size and adapted to the various depths and diameters.