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Particularly with higher-quality synthetic sealing membranes or more complex seals, it is not enough to just deliver the materials. This is why LUDWIG Kunststoffe GmbH also provides you with a service enterprise specialising in such functions (installations). We deploy staff certified according to WHG § 19 with valid synthetic welding certificates in compliance with the DVS standard.

We can install the following types of synthetic sealing membrane for you in the fields of road construction, civil engineering, horticulture and landscaping:

  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • PVC
  • EPDM

Installation Installation Installation
 Examples of synthetic sealing membrane installation
Installation Installation Installation

Over the last few years, bentonite mats have established themselves more and more as an economically viable alternative to synthetic sealing membranes and mineral seals in certain branches (ground water protection, storm water retention...):

  • Bentonite mats

Installation Installation Installation
 Examples of bentonite mat installation

From the geosynthetics branch we install:

  • Nonwoven materials for concrete road construction
  • Geogrids (slope stabilisation, base course reinforcement, reinforced earth...)
  • Drainage mats
  • Erosion control (also jute and coconut)

Installation Installation Installation
Examples of geosynthetics installation


General information on installations

The following apply mutatis mutandis when conducting sealing work:

  • DIN 18195 structural waterproofing
  • AIB - Directive for the Waterproofing of Engineering Structures
  • VOB/B – the latest version of the installation guidelines produced by the manufacturer
General conditions

Additional services that were not identifiable at the point of the original inquiry, such as seals on other openings or buildings, unless specifically shown in the quotation, are charged separately.

Insofar as there is no detailed plan outlined in the original tender, we assume a slope incline of max. 1:2.5 and a large-scale installation.

Costs for external quality control and other test costs are not included in the price.

Interruptions to sealing work for which we are not responsible are invoiced at an hourly rate of 42 Euro per skilled worker hour.

Interruptions for which we are not responsible and which require us to return to the site are invoiced at 650 Euro per new site visit.

The accurate formation level at the bottom and slopes of the construction site must be maintained in a usable state for the duration of the sealing works. Larger areas must be excavator-accessible. The degree of compaction should be 95% of the standard proctor density (where relevant, additional technical instructions for earthworks – ZTVE – should be observed).

All earth, concrete and other incidental works necessitated by the sealing work should be conducted on the construction site according to the progress of the sealing work.

Once the sealing work has been completed, a joint measurement of the finished work must be carried out.

The following must be provided at the construction site:

  1. Delivery of suitable and easily movable scaffolding
  2. Material transport between material storage premises and installation site. This also applies to the installation of lifting devices
  3. Electricity supply at the respective installation sites for the operation of welding and other equipment
  4. Use of the available facilities (e.g. sanitary facilities, construction site accommodation facilities)
  5. Storage facilities for materials in an open, fenced-off area
  6. In the absence of any other arrangements, our materials will be delivered using heavy goods vehicles. The customer is responsible for proper unloading and storage.
Specific preconditions for the installation of synthetic sealing membranes

Where necessary, pipe passages at the construction site are to be furnished with loose-type and full-face flange to ensure seamless installation of the seal.

Structures and concrete surfaces on the construction site must have a smooth upper surface i.e. be free of nests and ridges or, if required, an appropriate plaster application must be provided to accommodate the seal.

To safeguard against wind suction on the construction site, plaster, composite stone paving, a layer of sand or sand sacks should be provided. This should be done very carefully to avoid damage to the synthetic sealing membranes.

Lateral mounting: connecting height for synthetic sealing membrane should be at least 0.30 m above the water level.

All heights for wall seals should be provided at the construction site. Heights must be at least 0.30 m above the highest water level.

All wall seals at the construction site should be provided with protection e.g. protective masonry.

Required working area for wall sealing, according to the AIB, of at least 1.0m width.

Specific preconditions for the installation of bentonite sealing mats

Punctual completion of flat surface. According to the manufacturer's requirements, installation should take place on a stone-free, preferably rolled, dry flat surface. Maximum permissible misalignment in compliance with ZTVE: 3cm.

HGV-appropriate access to the construction site must be provided.

The customer must provide a vehicle (usually an excavator) and driver for the installation of the sealing mats.

The customer is responsible for water management during the construction period to ensure trouble-free installation.

Penetrating water on the construction site must be prevented.

After installation and site measuring, inspection and approval must be carried out immediately.

The customer must ensure that an earth covering is applied within 24 hours of installation.

  • New storage areas at Berg

    It was planned for a long time and now, after a construction period of just under 9 months, the new warehouse is located on the company premises in Berg. On 16.11.2018, it was officially opened with the first goods receipts.

  • 5. Neumarkter donut feast

    Once again this year we have a lot of heart and like to support the Lions Club at 5. Neumarkter donut feast, which donates money for financially disadvantaged boys and girls.

  • Review of the GaLaBau 2018

    An eventful and successful fair lies behind us. Under the best of conditions, many constructive and inspiring discussions took place and the fair closed with a new record of over 70,000 visitors.

  • holiday´s children at LUDWIG - kids in action

    They were eagerly awaited, a group of over 40 children aged 5 to 15, who took part in the Berg holiday program and were welcomed by us, including mascot Louie, for a quick visit.


    On the occasion of the joint civil engineering ski seminar of the companies LUDWIG and REHAU in beautiful Kitzbühel, we were able to present ourselves in the context of the event with lectures and in personal contact to a specialist audience of planning and engineering offices.

  • 20-years company anniversary

    In 2017, Gudrun Künz celebrates her 20-years tenure.

    On the occasion of this event she was presented with a small present basket.

    The management congratulated on this event and thanked for the loyalty to the company for many years.

  • 10-years company anniversary

    On October 1st, it has already been 10 years that Markus Britting works for Ludwig Kunststoffe.

    The management congratulated on this event with a small present and thanked for the long loyalty to the company.

  • 1. Ludwig Workshop - flap the FIRST!

    Customer loyalty is of course for the company group Ludwig Kunststoffe at the top. In order to provide our technical know-how in addition to our extensive product portfolio, we decided to get a series of workshops to launch. The launch of this exclusive customer event was 03/10/2015 at Lindenhof in Berg near Neumarkt.
  • Gabions - From one source now!

    Our third major pillar have become the gabions in recent years. Here we have two systems with different basket sizes, wre diameters and mesh sizes. We advise and help you to plan, can bring statics and build you now the complete wall: Juts everything from a single source.