Gabions as aesthetic construction elements - a product that provides a large number of advantages.


Ludwig gabions give you free creative reign in terms of shape and appearance.

They harmonize with their natural surroundings; installation is quick and thus favourably prices..

They are robust an permeable to water
(no hydrostatic stress).

The gabions are assembled on location at the construction site by combining the wire mesh mats and the distance pieces to a single unit.

There are two different kinds of gabion. What distinguishes one kind from the other is the type of fasteners that is used.

Gabion types

gabiobox-spirale is the gabion with spiral fasteners.spiral fasteners

gabiobox-eyelet is the gabion secured with rods.    secured with rods

Your advantages
  • All parts made from special aluminium-galvanised steel with a resistance to corrosion of at least 3000 hours of salt-spray-testGabions
  • High level of corrosion protection ensures a long service life
  • Efficient material savings
  • Unlimited creative scope
  • Gabiobox-Öse gabionx also available as safety gabions
  • Extensiv stock guarantees the fastest possible delivery of your order
  • Very good cost/performance ratio that lets you know you made the right choice
Service features for gabions
  • Provision of static calculations for gabion walls
  • Technical advice from planning to implementation
  • On-site installation briefing
  • Complete gabion installation
  • Complementary materials such as geogrids for bracing, nonwoven materials as a separating layer between the gabions and the in-situ soil, and many more.

Gabion applications

Roas constructionGabions
  • Retaining walls
  • Slope reinforcement
  • Securing of bicycle and pedestrian paths
  • Bridge abutments
  • Reconstruction after landslides
  • Garden walls
  • Levelling for garden seating and parking areas
  • Sight-screen walls and noise protection embankments
  • Slope reinforcement
Mining Gabions
  • Securing of hiking trails
  • Terracing of vineyards
  • Erosion control
Noise protextion structures
  • Noise protextion embankments on motorways, highways an in built-up areas
Hydraulic / river engineeringGabions
  • Bank reinforcement
  • River and stream engineering structures
  • Bank protextion
  • Embankment protextion
  • Barriers
  • Securing of pond shores
Golf course construction
  • Retaining walls for greens
  • Levelling to optimise space
Railway construction
  • Noise protection embankments
  • Railway embankments
  • Retaining walls
Landfill construction
  • Separation barrier
  • Filtration media
  • Landfill covers
  • New storage areas at Berg

    It was planned for a long time and now, after a construction period of just under 9 months, the new warehouse is located on the company premises in Berg. On 16.11.2018, it was officially opened with the first goods receipts.

  • 5. Neumarkter donut feast

    Once again this year we have a lot of heart and like to support the Lions Club at 5. Neumarkter donut feast, which donates money for financially disadvantaged boys and girls.

  • Review of the GaLaBau 2018

    An eventful and successful fair lies behind us. Under the best of conditions, many constructive and inspiring discussions took place and the fair closed with a new record of over 70,000 visitors.

  • holiday´s children at LUDWIG - kids in action

    They were eagerly awaited, a group of over 40 children aged 5 to 15, who took part in the Berg holiday program and were welcomed by us, including mascot Louie, for a quick visit.


    On the occasion of the joint civil engineering ski seminar of the companies LUDWIG and REHAU in beautiful Kitzbühel, we were able to present ourselves in the context of the event with lectures and in personal contact to a specialist audience of planning and engineering offices.

  • 20-years company anniversary

    In 2017, Gudrun Künz celebrates her 20-years tenure.

    On the occasion of this event she was presented with a small present basket.

    The management congratulated on this event and thanked for the loyalty to the company for many years.

  • 10-years company anniversary

    On October 1st, it has already been 10 years that Markus Britting works for Ludwig Kunststoffe.

    The management congratulated on this event with a small present and thanked for the long loyalty to the company.

  • 1. Ludwig Workshop - flap the FIRST!

    Customer loyalty is of course for the company group Ludwig Kunststoffe at the top. In order to provide our technical know-how in addition to our extensive product portfolio, we decided to get a series of workshops to launch. The launch of this exclusive customer event was 03/10/2015 at Lindenhof in Berg near Neumarkt.
  • Gabions - From one source now!

    Our third major pillar have become the gabions in recent years. Here we have two systems with different basket sizes, wre diameters and mesh sizes. We advise and help you to plan, can bring statics and build you now the complete wall: Juts everything from a single source.