Secugrid Geogrids
Secugrid Geogrids

Flat, knot-resistant (welded rods) grids made from elongated monolithic flat bars. Combigrid products incorporate a mechanically strengthened nonwoven between the flat bars.


We stock Secugrid polyester (PES) and polypropylene (PP) geogrids. These grids are characterised by high power absorption with low elongation (no constructional elongation), immediate force connection and interlocking with the fill soil, limited creep properties, continuous homogenous molecular structure, high friction angle because of the structured surface of the bars as well as robustness against installation damage.

Secugrid GeogridsSecugrid Geogrids

Our warehouse range:

IdentifierRaw materialTensile strength
Secugrid 30/30 Q1PP30/30 kN

4.75 × 100 m

Secugrid 40/40 Q1PP40/40 kN4.75 × 100 m
Secugrid 60/60 Q6PES60/60 kN4.75 × 100 m
Combigrid 30/30 Q1 151 GRK 3PP30/30 kN4.75 × 100 m
Combigrid 40/40 Q1 151 GRK 3 PP40/40 kN4.75 × 50 m

Please contact us separately about other material strengths as well as uniaxial geogrids.

Secugrid Q1 20/20 - 30/30 - 40/40 datasheets

Secugrid Q6 30/30 - 60/60 - 80/80 datasheets

Secugrid Q6 40/40 datasheets

Combigrid Q1 30/30 datasheets

Combigrid Q1 40/40 datasheets 

Installation instructions for Secugrid and Combigrid in traffic areas

Installation instructions for Secugrid and Combigrid in 'reinforced earth' constructions

Specification sheets:

Combigrid 40/40 Q1 151 GRK 3


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    We not only melt the ice, but also the price!

    Gabions Quicky light in spiral system with a wire thickness of 3.5 mm and a mesh size of 10 × 10 cm for most summery promotion price ever.

  • Gabions - From one source now!

    Our third major pillar have become the gabions in recent years. Here we have two systems with different basket sizes, wre diameters and mesh sizes. We advise and help you to plan, can bring statics and build you now the complete wall: Juts everything from a single source.
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